Do you know | Red Fort: 7 Interesting Facts

Delhi, a potpourri of old and new or traditional and modern is a destination you simply cannot miss. Delhi is a mix of traditional and modern or old and new. It has attracted holidaymakers for many years from all over the globe.

Delhi is the proud capital and you can’t miss it. It literally has a plethora of must-see tourist attractions. The capital is proud to boast about its Red Fort, one of India’s most popular forts.

You may not have known some of the fascinating facts that surround this massive, historic Red Fort. Find out more about them.

Red Fort: 7 Interesting Facts

1. It was originally white in colour

Shah Jahan built the Red Fort in white, which is hard to imagine. The white stones that were originally used in 1648 to build the Red Fort started to chirp off. The British government then painted the monument red to change its colour for ever!

2. It Took A Decade To Build The Red Fort

It’s a fact that construction and equipment were limited during Akbar’s grandson Shah Jahan’s reign. Ustad Hamid, Ustad Ahmed and other forefathers took 10 years to complete the construction that began in 1638.

3. A water gate is available as well

The fort has a minor third exit. It was originally built on the riverbank to allow easy access to Yamuna. Over the years the Yamuna river has changed its course, but it still retains the same name.

4. This 256-acre parcel of land is located in the city of San Diego.

The construction took ten years.

This fort is located on a plot of land measuring 256 acres.

Diwan-i-Aam (also known as Naubat Khana), Rang Mahal (also called Khas Mahal), Diwan-i-Khas (also known as Diwan-i-Khas), Hammams, Moti mosques, Baolis, etc.

Fort was where the kings’ wives, girlfriends, and maids lived.

The king spent time in the beautiful location with his wife and would eat there occasionally.

5. Rang Mahal and Khas Mahal

Rang Mahal, which means “the Palace of Colours”, was constructed for mistresses and queens. Rang Mahal was only open to the Emperor and Princes. Enunchs were appointed by emperors to guard the women’s quarters. In the Khas Mahal, kings would spend time with their queens and have dinner. This palace was built specifically for that purpose.

6. The Red Fort wasn’t originally called Red

It was thought that the Red Fort had originally been white. ASI found lime plasters covering the walls, which indicate the original color of the Red Fort. It is possible that the British repainted the fort. The name Red Fort may also have come from the red-colored sandstone used to build the fort’s external wall.

7. Red Fort’s Lahori Gate!

This fort has two gates. There are two gates in this fort. The main one is Lahori Gate and the other is Delhi Gate.

Shah Jahan called the first gate Lahore Gate because of his fascination with Pakistan.

8. Fort Construction Time

The construction of this fort took nearly 10 years. Construction began in 1638 by Ustam Ahmed and Ustad Hamid, and finished in 1648.

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