Social Engineering Assessments

Because Networks are Hard. People are soft!

What Is On-Site Social Engineering?

No, this isn't where we come in and clone your best people (not yet anyway). On-Site Social Engineering is about examining current security practices, making improvements, and motivating workers to take security protocols seriously.
First, we look at the full range of your security apparatus such as:

  • On-site security personnel procedures
  • Electronic security such as locks and key cards
  • Employee shift change procedures
  • Employee knowledge base about company security
  • Then we draw up an action plan that may include changes to procedures and worker training. Next, we help implement the changes and give workshops so your people are up to speed on the new procedures and feel invested in the company's security.

    What Results Can I Expect From On-Site Social Engineering?

    Most workers are genuinely interested in a secure workplace and don't want to see their employers robbed or the company's business opportunities harmed. However, people tend to be trusting of others and non-security employees rarely want to come across as too security conscious.

    That said, what you can expect from our analysis, action plan and training are employees who are more
    conscientious about security and less willing to look at another way when security is lax.

    Get in touch today and let us help you start benefiting from on-site social engineering.