Red Team Assessments

What Do Red Team Engagements Accomplish?

This is the fun stuff. Actor Denzel Washington and many other actors say it's always more fun to play the bad guy. We'd agree!

But our fun is serious and the outcome will have serious positive results for your business. We will test every entry point to your system in our attempt to break in.

If you haven't caught on and don't know what Red Team Engagements are, it's where we play the part of the hacker try to gain unauthorized entry into your company's cyber network. We will test your cyber - defenses in real time using the same skills as the top hackers.

How Does My Company Benefit?

A red team engagement is a dry run for something that hopefully will never happen. Client company's benefit from knowing that they have people on their side who share a belief that the Internet is for everyone.
One we discover and exploit your vulnerabilities we compile the information into a report and stand ready to help you upgrade your security. 

Contact TwinTech today to set up a meeting where we'll demonstrate all the coordinated efforts we make to take over your network.