You found a Bug ?

If you believe you have discovered a vulnerability in our software,
please contact [email protected].
Please do not publicly disclose suspected vulnerabilities without prior consent 
from TwinTech Solutions.

In reporting vulnerabilities,
please send details of:

  1. Suspected vulnerability.
  2. Steps to enable us to reproduce the issue.
  3. Your email address and secure mechanism to contact you.
  4. Your name (and/or colleagues) if you would like to be recognized on this page, e.g., your twitter handle or website as it should be displayed.

Response and Recognition.

We will investigate any details you provide and respond as soon as possible, usually two business day.

To acknowledge the first person who alerts us to previously unknown vulnerabilities, we will show our gratitude by placing their name in the Acknowledgements list below. We do not offer a bug bounty program and compensation requests will not be considered in compliance with this Responsible Disclosure Policy.

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