IoT Penetration Testing and Security Assessments

Risks Of IoT And The Need For Security Assessments

From cars to security cameras, the adoption of The Internet of Things has been fraught with risks. The FBI has issued warnings that cars may be susceptible to hacks, and researchers have continually demonstrated the ease with which microphones and cameras can be turned on without the end user being aware.

It seems that with every IoT product launched, new holes are found with which to gain malicious entry into the Internet of Things. This poses a unique danger to a company's intellectual property and makes employees vulnerable to potential manipulation from competitors or those looking to steal from your company.

Some vulnerabilities include:

  • Access to audio and video of the workplace and in vehicles
  • Susceptibility to use of personal information for blackmail of employees
  • Opening up companies to headhunting of its best people through access and use of personnel information
  • Outside malicious diagnosis of security flaws to facilitate direct theft of company inventory
  • If this sounds scary that's because it is.

    In short, IoT is the forefront of Internet technology. Not to harp on the wild west analogy too much, but it is true that many of your devices can be turned into six-shooters against your company. That's why it's import to have an expert analysis of your IoT security.

    IoT Risk Assessment

    We treat each company as unique. Our assessments are needs based looking at your tech device by device. We make recommendations based on both industry best practices and what may be a flawed but indispensable use of IoT in your organization. Here is where we minimize the risks and keep a close eye on tech that is vulnerable but which you may absolutely need. Our assessments are completely confidential provided through industry standard encryption.

    Get in touch today if your IoT is indispensable but needs to be locked down and kept as secure as the best security technology and know-how can provide.