Application Pentesting

Effective Web application penetration testing, mobile app, IoT testing, and secure code review.

Network and Cloud

Cutting-edge security assessments by the foremost experts in vulnerability research.

Advanced Attack Simulation

Sophisticated APT scenarios for testing mature security programs.

Digital Forensics

Advanced investigations using state-of-the-art equipment, while having a firm grasp of the overall legal process.

We at TwinTech Solutions are Team of Experts and Bug Bounty Hunters who have been in this field of cyber security training as well as penetration testing and forensics for 7+ years. Our Bug bounty hunters have been listed in numerous of the hall of more

At TwinTech we don't just look for top OWASP vulnerablities . we look for more zerodays which we pride on and our clients love it. More than automated scanners we develop our own tools specific to the task to push the applications to its far end.
We promise only what we deliver. If you are on a time constraint. Talk to one our experts who will sort you through the process and explain.
If you are skeptical about a phone call. We can arrange for a visit. We have travelled all across the world for one thing to win the customers trust.
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